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      In order to help meet our clients’ and users’ needs, COUTH®provides high-quality and high-functionality solutions and products for marking and industrial traceability. Since 1954, when we began our operation, we have designed and manufactured both standard and customised machines with many different configurations for main industrial sectors, as well as main groups and companies in each one of them.

      The solutions offered by COUTH® are based on dot peen, scribe, and laser marking technologies. We devote 7% of our revenue to R+D to develop these technologies. Knowledge of users and clients, personal development, excellence in processes, and a superb supply chain make for the foundation of the COUTH® brand’s strength. Our customer orientation and heavy international presence mean that we can be found in Germany, Mexico, China and Italy with our own subsidiaries, and in another 66 countries either directly or through our distributors. This international presence allows us to serve our users in a close and personal way.



      Our line has different configurations for different marking surfaces and depths, depending on the sector, material, and/or application. Moreover, as specialists in dot peen, scribe, and laser technologies, we can design and manufacture special customised equipment, based on each client or user’s technical specifications and needs.
      ABOUT US


      At COUTH® , we offer innovative, quality solutions, based on an ongoing relationship with our clients and users and knowledge of their needs and expectations. We seek excellence in our processes and to generate unique, innovative ideas that add value and make them easier to implement. All of us at COUTH® actively assume responsibility for achieving our mission and vision. To this end, we work as a team and develop the best practises, fomenting transparency and ethical values in the way we do things, all while respecting the environment.


      Our organisation is steeped in innovation as a philosophy. It is one of the reasons why we are a leading brand in marking and industrial traceability, assigning resources in the form of 7% of our revenue to obtain international patents. We understand that innovation goes beyond the product. It also includes the service and processes to create value for the clients and users. We incorporate innovation as a guideline for general conduct, systematising the search for new opportunities based on market knowledge and, especially, the relationship with the user.


      COUTH® is devoted to the design, production, and development of machines and solutions for marking and industrial traceability and bases its management on ongoing improvement, through an advanced management model founded on compliance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard’s requirements. Implementation and development of our management model is based on the following principles:


      • Customer- and user-oriented: knowledge of their needs and expectations.
      • Leadership.
      • Commitment to people.
      • Process management.
      • Ongoing improvement.
      • Evidence-based decision making.
      • Fluid, quality communication.


      As a global company, COUTH® is present on worldwide, with 5 subsidiaries in Germany, Mexico, China and Italy, and in 66 countries through its vast sales network. This means we are in ongoing contact with each market and have first-hand knowledge of their needs and particularities, so we can adapt our supply to the expectations of our clients and users, wherever they may be.