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Industrial marking machines

We are the specialist in industrial marking and traceability.
We provide reliable and innovative customized solutions that meet the needs our customers’ industrial marking.
Customer proximity enables us to identify their marking needs.
COUTH® offers high value proposals maximising productivity in the production plants, by means of the speed, quality and efficiency of our micro-percussion, scribing and laser products.
Our own technical support service, along with a network of dealers in over 66 countries, allows us to meet the service needs of our customers and users.


The COUTHlaser line was created to meet high-productivity marking needs MARK ON THE FLY This is a dynamic marking system…

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COUTH® is the specialist providing different solutions for part marking of the vehicle’s structure, using micro-percussion, scribing and laser technologies.


COUTH® is the specialist providing different solutions for part marking of the vehicle’s structure, using micro-percussion, scribing and laser technologies.

Deep scribing with our integrable marking machines, enables a permanent and quality traceability of the cold or hotforming stamped chassis parts or whether they are subsequently painted, galvanised, etc. In many cases an identification text marking is combined with a Datamatrix code so that the code can be read and verified by an automated process.

marcado por micropercusión de piezas de plástico

Con la utilización de distintos punzones y máquinas de marcado por micropercusión, COUTH® dispone de soluciones óptimas para el marcado de piezas técnicas de plástico (PA, PP, PE, PC , ABS, etc.). Gracias a velocidades de marcado rápidas, los tiempos de marcado permiten tener ciclos de fabricación ajustados a las necesidades de la industria de Automoción.

Marcado sistema emisión de gas

COUTH® offers an extensive range of solutions for marking the parts that make up vehicle gas emission systems.

These go from the marking of catalytic converters to the marking of exhaust pipes. All of these components must be properly identified with Datamatrix codes or texts for traceability control management systems.

VIN Marking

The marking solutions COUTH® provides for VIN marking can be performed with customized special marking machines, integrable into the lines, and even portable marking machines. The scribe marking, or micro-percussion and a deep marking, achieve a permanent mark on the chassis of the vehicle and meet all the requirements of this very specific deep marking of the automotive sector.

The extensive range of micro-percussion and scribing machines, provides solutions for automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, etc., using portable marking machines, magnetic fastening systems, weightless suspension systems, etc.

Transmission marking

El marcaje de la gran variedad de piezas que componen los sistemas de transmisión, marcaje elementos transmisión, para el sector Automoción, necesita una solución de marcado rápido, fiable y duradero. Las máquinas marcadoras COUTH® ofrecen a los fabricantes la identificación y trazabilidad de las piezas.

marcado motor y cajas de cambio

The permanent marking of engine blocks and gearboxes means that every part has to be properly identified for its traceability at any time of the manufacturing process and during its entire life cycle. For this purpose, COUTH® with its integrable marking machines for production lines achieves the identification and traceability that is required. (Datamatrix)

COUTH® offers the marking solution for the various applications of the railway sector. In this sector, marking depth is one of the most important requirements due to the materials having to withstand adverse conditions. COUTH® develops and manufactures turnkey production-line marking machines for part traceability.

Bastidor de bogie

COUTH® marks the different parts of the bogie with its microdot or scribe marking machines depending on the specific requirement of the marking, guaranteeing the traceability of each part or unit at any stage of manufacture.

Ruedas de tren

COUTH® has extensive experience in the marking of train wheels. Thanks to their compactness and their heavy-duty reliability through integration in special machines or fitted on robots, we can mark any part, including the central axle box or the outer diameter of the wheel.

Marcado de los Ejes del Tren

When marking train axles, from the hot-marking of the cast as it comes out of the stamping process to identification after final machining, COUTH® adapts its wide range of markers to each customer’s specific requirements, using markers that can be integrated into automatic lines, robots and even portable machines, etc.

COUTH® offers the best marking technology for the different applications of the iron and steel industry. When manufacturing ingots, bars and/or rolled steel, hot-marking (high temperatures) or cold-marking depth is one of the most important requirements. The materials must support subsequent treatments or machining and the marking must remain visible for identification and traceability purposes. COUTH® develops and manufactures deep-marking machines to ensure permanent marking with turnkey-solution machines for production lines and robots, etc.

Marcado de railes

Al igual que en el resto de las piezas del sector, el marcado de raíles de tren, se realiza en frío o en caliente según las necesidades de la aplicación.

marcaje de piezas metalicas

COUTH® suministra soluciones de marcaje en los entornos más difíciles como son el marcado de piezas de acero o metal a más de 900°C con especial incidencia en la calidad y profundidad de la marca legible incluso después del proceso de enfriamiento.

Estructuras metálicas

Compliance with certain characteristics to obtain CE marking in accordance with standard EN1090 is compulsory. One of the main characteristics is marking parts for traceability. COUTH® offers different solutions for the marking of metal profiles, these can be integrated in cutting machines or in marking stations.

Our machines enable high speed deep marking so that the marking station can integrate into the production process and maintain a high productivity level, providing an immediate return on investment.

Marcado estructuras metálicas

In the vast majority of the cases deep marking is required because they are subsequently coated. This coating is required to meet CE marking regulations stating that exposed components must meet the defined durability in accordance with standard EN1090-2.

COUTH® offers the best marking technology for the different applications of the oil and gas sector. In this sector marking depth is one of the most important requirements because, on the one hand, the materials have to withstand adverse conditions and, on the other, after marking they are subjected to painting and varnishing processes, etc. after which the marking must remain identifiable and illegible. COUTH® supplies this sector with standard, semi-standard and turnkey marking processes.

Cilindros de gas

Within the wide variety of gas cylinders COUTH® specialises in the supply of automatic marking machines for marking gas cylinders, with a feeder and rotating system. One of its main characteristics is its marking speed and depth. Deep marking is required so that the mark is easily legible after painting process.

Marcado de válvulas

The demanding laws for identifying parts in the Oil & Gas sector, entails deep, legible and permanent marking. All of these characteristics along with the speed, robustness and reliability of the COUTH® marking machines are backed by our most demanding customers.

COUTH® supplies special machines for valve marking where the proximity to our customers helps in the identification of their needs and provide them the solutions they look for.

Marcado de tuberias

The marking of pipes / tubes for gas transport, require identification and traceability. For this purpose COUTH® offers deep and permanent marking machines required for galvanized/stainless steel parts, etc. for the Oil & Gas sector industries

Marcado de bridas

The high speed, marking depth and reliability make COUTH® marking solutions for flange traceability the ones that our customers want. The technologies used in this application are scribe or dot peen marking technologies where they are integrated into the production lines or in flange machining equipment.

COUTH® manufactures a wide range of marking machines for the traceability of parts in cutting-edge industrial sectors. Our extensive experience in industrial marking means we can offer our customers the most innovative microdot and scribe marking technology.

Marcado industria cerrajera

The COUTH® product range can be applied to countless sectors that require very different uses and marking of very diverse items. Sectors such as kitchenware, items such as data plates or applications integrated with robots make COUTH® a specialist in the field of industrial marking. That is why we invite you to contact our technical sales department to work out your needs together and offer you the alternatives that best meet them. Our staff are highly qualified and undergo continuous training to incorporate the latest technology into our range and offer the standard of quality that characterises COUTH®.