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      Customised solutions

      Industria 4.0

      At COUTH®, we always ask our clients, What do you need to mark?

      It’s more than a slogan; it’s the way we do things.

      With each project we undertake, we conduct a complete diagnosis of each client’s marking needs. Because, with a detailed analysis of the project, we can propose the most suitable and efficient solution.

      The new industrial revolution that ® is already part of

      COUTH® ‘s product line is designed to meet the needs of the new industry 4.0 . Dot peen, scribe, and laser technology marker machines are ready to work in new production settings where connectivity, robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analysis play a fundamental role.

      In this new context, personalising solutions has become an opportunity to offer our clients resources, so they can be more productive and competitive.


      Improvements for productivity and efficiency

      The customised solutions that COUTH® offers are mainly orientated toward sectors that require a high production volume, such as automobile, steel and iron, and gas and oil, or because their industrial traceability requirements are very stringent, like the aeronautical sector.

      COUTH®‘s customised solutions bring improvements that have a direct influence on productivity, efficiency during the manufacturing process, and quality assurance for marking.

      Depending on the project, the kind of mark or the sector in question, COUTH® provides the most suitable solution, using smart techniques focused on the following operations:
      The QR and DMC marking make possible internal traceability during the different manufacturing processes and stages.

      Obtain real-time information during each operational process on the production line.


      Monitoring and control with a laser system PLC , as well as robots and peripherals.
      Check verification levels with the artificial vision process. (Contrast, legibility, quality, and life of mark, etc.)