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      Safety elements used with marker units


      All machines can pose different risks to users, since there are hazards when handling them, in their processes, with the materials they work with, and the environment where they are located. This is the case of industrial marker units.

      At Couth, we are specialised in the design and manufacture of industrial marker units that use different technologies, like dot-peen, scribe, and laser. These are high-quality devices that meet the highest safety standards.

      We offer quality solutions for industrial marking for different sectors like aeronautic, gas and petrol, automobile, metal marking, railway, and more, where we use advanced technology resources (artificial intelligence, robotics, connectivity, and data analysis) to achieve the best results.

      That being said, in this post we will focus on the safety elements used with industrial marker units to guarantee that suitable protection systems are used with this kind of devices and procedures.

      Laws on prevention with the use of machines

      Basic law on prevention for the use of machines is based on:

      • Royal Decree 1435/1992 of 27 November, which adapts the content of Directive on Laws Relating to Machinery (89/392/CEE) to Spanish law.
      • D. 56/1995of 20 January, amending R.D. 1435/1992.
      • D. 1215/1997 of 18 July, which establishes minimum health and safety provisions and conditions for employees to use work devices and tools.

      CE Mark

      The conformity mark identified with the letters CE is a European mark that manufacturers or importers use to prove to users and competent authorities that the product or equipment they are selling complies with legal and technical safety requirements.

      All products to be sold in the European Union must have the CE mark. For this reason, you will often see the CE label on different products and devices.

      It should be noted that the fact that products include the CE mark means that they comply with technical requirements, but this does not guarantee their safety or their manufacturing source.

      In which cases in the CE mark mandatory?

      It is mandatory to use the CE mark except for products that do not have a directive, called new approach directives, which regulate them and require this mark. In any event, it must be put in place right before selling the product in the European Union.

      In some cases, this mark can be on the packaging or on documentation, if the products are very small.

      Regulations state that it is mandatory that industrial and agricultural machines and production lines have the CE mark. For this reason, industrial marker units must include it.

      Those who fail to comply with this regulation shall be subject to administrative sanctions that entail paying fines ranging from 2,000 to 12,000 euros.

      Recommended safety elements for marker units

      There are different safety elements recommended for use when working with industrial marker units, which include:

      1. Protections: Industrial marker units must include certain protections to prevent accidents. They must have protections for moving parts, such as belts or pulleys, as well as hot parts, like the laser.
      2. Emergency stop systems: Emergency stop systems must be available, both on industrial marker machines and around them. Their purpose is to stop the machine for any emergency events.
      3. Signage: Another fundamental safety element with industrial marker units is signage for work areas and their potential hazards. They are very useful to remind workers about the hazards of using them, as well as to maintain a safe working environment.
      4. Training: Another relevant safety factor is suitable education and training for workers before using industrial marker units, since they must master their use and handling in a safe manner and know and understand the risks related to using them.
      5. Cleaning: This is another basic safety element to keep industrial marker units and their surroundings in top condition since this helps to prevent accidents and keep a safe working environment.
      6. Preventive maintenance: Suitable and appropriate preventive maintenance for industrial marker units helps to lower risks, errors, and workplace accidents. It is essential that you follow manufacturer recommendations in terms of maintenance and periodical inspections of the equipment.

      Machine hazards

      The following have been set forth as risks and hazards most frequently related to handling different machines:

      1. Mechanical hazards

      This means harm and injury that can come from different moving parts on a machine, as well as the parts and materials with which one is working. These hazards may be caused by:

      • Getting stuck
      • Crushing
      • Cutting or slicing
      • Dragging or entrapment
      • Slicing
      • High-pressure fluid projection
      • Perforation
      • Friction or abrasion

      2. Thermal hazards

      If one contacts materials or parts at extremely hot or cold temperatures, different kinds of burns may occur.


      3. Hazards related to ergonomic defects

      Workers are also exposed to risks associated with improper posture while operating the machines, as well as if they strain while handling them, which can lead to physical disorders.

      4. Hazards related to radiation exposure

      Depending on the machines they are operating, workers are exposed to different risks, such as radiation. To this end, they must fulfil safety measures and regulations to guarantee protection. These risks may be related with:

      • Ionising elements that come from different radioactive sources like static radioactive charge elimination devices and X-ray equipment.
      • Non-ionising elements, found in electric arc welding operations, microwave ovens, ultraviolet printing techniques, induction and dielectric heating processes, and more.

      5. Electrical hazards

      This kind of hazard can be very severe and can even cause lethal harm as a result of electrical shock, or internal and/or external burns. They can be caused by:

      • Direct electric contact
      • Indirect electric contact, due to elements accidentally charged with voltage
      • Thermal phenomena like short-circuiting and surges
      • Electrostatic phenomena

      6. Hazards related to noise exposure

      Constant exposure to noises can create hearing problems and even hearing loss, in addition to stress, fatigue, and other disorders. This kind of hazard hinders communication processes and can invalidate different acoustic signals used to warn workers of danger or emergency situations.

      It should be noted that Couth’s industrial marker units provide totally silent marking, thanks to the design and advanced technology used when manufacturing them.

      7. Hazards related to vibration exposure

      Constant exposure to vibrations can spark different muscular disorders, as well as vascular and neurological disorders.

      8. Hazards related to exposure to dangerous substances and dust or gas emissions

      These substances can be waste from processing different materials and may pose a risk to the health of workers who are operating machines with processes that release dangerous substances that they may involuntarily inhale or be in contact with.

      9. Hazard of explosion and fire

      Safety and protective measures with machines

      Safety and protective measures for using machines can be broken down as:

      1. Safety measures in machine design.
      2. User protection.

      Safety measures in the design of industrial marker units

      To guarantee compliance with mandatory health and safety requirements, both machines and their safety components must include:

      • Ce declaration of conformity: This is a document that guarantees the safety of the industrial marker units. To obtain it, compliance with the requirements set forth by accredited control bodies is required.
      • The CE mark: Products and machines that have passed safety tests set forth by competent bodies must include a visible label with the letters CE.

      Protective measures for machine users

      After manufacturing the industrial marker units, in compliance with approved safety guidelines, we must ensure that the person operating this machine does so correctly and is aware of the inherent, specific risks to handling it, so that they may efficiently and appropriately avoid them.

      In order to guarantee the efficacy of this part of the safety process for workers, we must:

      • Provide and guarantee necessary education and training to properly handle the unit.
      • Verify that the worker is following specifications for use and is aware of potential risks and dangers, as well as safety measures they must implement.
      • Confirm that safety measures for the units are being used.
      • Require and supervise strict use of specific personal protection equipment, such as goggles, gloves, boots, and more, if necessary.

      Use of PPE

      Depending on each machine, workers must implement different protective measures to complement the safety measures. To this end, it is required that they use personal protection equipment (PPE).

      PPE or personal protection equipment is equipment or accessories that workers must use or wear.

      Their purpose is to protect from different risks and dangers posed by handling industrial marker units that can jeopardise health or well-being while working, in addition to using accessories designed to protect.

      Depending on the risks and dangers specific to each machine, different PPE will be used. Some of the most frequent equipment includes:

      • Boots
      • Gloves
      • Earplugs
      • Protective goggles


      Reasons to choose Couth as your supplier

      At Couth, we are specialised in designing and manufacturing the best industrial marker units, applying different technologies that provide high-quality, long-lasting results, both for laser marking and for scribe and dot-peen marking.

      All our units are built with innovation so we can offer our clients optimum solutions in industrial marking that adapt to their specific needs. To this end, we foment excellent communication with clients and users so that we have in-depth knowledge of their characteristics and requirements.

      We base our services on ongoing improvement, meeting the requirements of UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standard, highlighting:

      • Commitment to people
      • Leadership
      • Effective, quality communication
      • Customer orientation, for in-depth knowledge of their needs
      • Process management
      • Efficient evidence-based decision making
      • Ongoing improvement.

      Moreover, all our processes are focused on environmental protection and respect because we are aware of the great responsibility we all have to care for it and that, if we all contribute, we can achieve excellent results.

      If your company is looking for quality, efficient, and long-lasting solutions for industrial marking with units that meet your particular needs, don’t wait any longer and contact us. At Couth, we will be delighted to help you and design the best industrial marker units, customised for you.