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      Industrial marker machines

      In the grand scheme of production and supply, the marking process and traceability are essential.  At Couth, we are perfectly aware that industrial marker machines are responsible for clearly and precisely marking each product that the industry needs, thereby providing efficient processes.

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      Why do you need to mark products?

      You need to encode or mark industrial products because you must insert the information and characteristics necessary to better control and identify each part throughout the entire manufacturing, distribution, and usage process.

      We must not forget that the mark itself bears highly useful information, such as the batch and serial number, date of manufacture or expiry, and other important facts that help you to identify and locate it in the event of an error or failure. For obvious reasons, all this saves time and money on processes.

      Importance of industrial marker machines

      It is important that manufacturers have suitable marker machines for the type of products that they are making because they can carry out the process at their own pace and according to their production process. The machine streamlines and guarantees that this all works properly.

      Identification systems used in the industry

      There are different kinds of identification in the industry; however, there are currently three kinds that are used the most:


      This is a unique marking system for each part, where the part may contain exclusive information so it can be tracked throughout the whole process.


      One of the most widely used in all industry for years. This consists of a design with vertical bars of different thicknesses and separations which also stores the information that is read by an optical reader that decodes the information stored therein. 

      Datamatrix code

      This is a 2D DataMatrix that encodes the information in a square-shaped design with light- and dark-coloured cells that can be read at different angles.

      Types of industrial marker machines

      Each company must select the kind of marker machine that best meets their needs. Fortunately, the industry offers different kinds that can adapt to each one’s specific needs.

      Let’s explore some of the best and most widely used on the market today:

      Dot-peen marker machines

      This is a simple, economic, and very feasible marking type for different industrial uses. This is a direct marking system that uses a carbide-tipped, quickly oscillating and electronically controlled needle to make the mark on the desired surface.

      It is perfect for use on different materials, the following of which are ideal:

      • Stainless steel
      • Alloys
      • Resistant plastics

      At Couth, a sampling of this kind of industrial marker machines includes:

      Laser marker machines

      Another one of the best options to mark parts. These are machines that make precise, silent, and very flexible marks, since they can be used on more complicated surfaces or zones of a part.

      This is ideal for automobile and aeronautical industries and can be used on different surfaces such as:

      • Aluminium
      • Steel
      • Copper
      • Iron
      • Certain resistant plastics

      The models that Couth carries of this type of industrial marker machine include:

      Scribe marker machines

      This type of mark uses a system with a diamond and carbide tip. With pneumatic pressure, it makes the deep, defined, and precise mark on the surface.

      This is a very silent system that uses continuous, clear-cut lines with high-quality finishes that can be used on small and large dimensions. It has diverse applications, with the iron and steel, automobile, and aeronautical industries requesting it the most.

      The materials that this type of mark can be used on include:

      • Plastics
      • Alloys
      • Stainless steel

      Some of Couth’s industrial scribe marker machines include:

      Industrial marking 4.0

      Industrial marker machines are one of the fundamental parts in the final production process. Current standards require not only that the mark be made, but that it be high-quality and totally reliable.

      At Couth, we believe in marker machines and equipment that are adapted to the needs of the industry 4.0. This is the industry that revolutionises the current technological world and leans into smart methods that improve and streamline processes, all in the search for greater and better quality for the entire system.