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      Plastic laser engraving and marking


      COUTH offers you the most advanced technology on the market to provide you with cutting edge plastic laser engraving and marking solutions.

      With laser marking, parts and a range of product parts can be marked or engraved using laser marking, a machine that enables the permanent marking on numerous materials such as metals, plastics, glass, wood and many more.

      Plastic laser marking and engraving involves the use of high precision laser to create a range of designs, logos or texts onto the surface of different types of plastics. During this process, the laser energy is used to remove a superficial layer of plastic to obtain permanent engraving.

      Features of plastic laser engraving and marking

      The main features of plastic laser engraving and marking include the following:

      • High precision and quality: The laser marking system allows detailed high-quality designs to be made on plastic surfaces with fine lines and precise detail that do not fade over time.
      • Durability: Laser engraving penetrates the plastic surface, making it resistant to wear and tear as well as fading.
      • Versatility: Laser marking and engraving can be applied on a wide range of plastics, such as acrylic, ABS, polypropylene, PET, PVC, and many more, making it a very versatile technique that can be used in different industrial sectors.
      • Customisation: This marking technique allows the customisation of products and parts with serial numbers, text, logos, manufacture dates, bar codes and other distinctive elements. This makes it very useful in sectors such as electronics, food and the automobile industry.
      • Swift and efficient: The plastic laser marking and engraving process is quick and efficient, allowing large scale chain production, leading to greater productivity and speed in production processes.
      • Contact-free: Laser does not require any direct contact with the plastic surface, preventing the material from becoming damaged or deformed.

      Benefits of plastic laser engraving and marking

      There are many benefits of using plastic laser marking and engraving for a range of industries apart from those we talked about in regards its features, including:

      1. Plastic laser engraving gives plastic products a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance, giving them greater aesthetic value.
      2. Plastic laser marking and engraving is highly resistant to wear and tear, the sun, chemicals and adverse environmental conditions, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, thanks to how it ensures that the marking retains its legibility and quality over time.
      3. Plastic laser marking allows individual products to be identified and enables the proper traceability along the supply chain.
      4. Laser engraving and marking removes the need for additional printing and labels for the identification and control of parts and products, lowering production costs and removing the risk of the mark becoming faded or damaged over time.
      5. Plastic laser engraving adapts perfectly to regulatory and legal requisites and compliance in terms of product traceability.
      6. Plastic laser engraving and marking uses no chemical products and generates zero toxic waste, making it kind to the environment.

      We can therefore conclude that plastic laser engraving and marking represents a versatile, long-lasting, reliable and high quality solution for the identification and customisation of products and parts, providing major benefits for commercial and industrial applications.

      Industrial sectors where plastic laser engraving and marking is used

      Plastic laser engraving and marking can be applied in a wide range of commerical and industrial sectors, including:

      • Automotive: For marking and engraving plastic parts used in the manufacturing processes of vehicles, such as control panels, switches, knobs, etc.
      • Electronic: Used to engrave and mark plastic components used in electronic devices, such as keyboards, mobile phone covers, remote controls, etc.
      • Packaging: To mark plastic containers and packaging used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, being able to provide information about expiry dates, bar codes, company logos, etc.
      • Toys: Used to mark and engrave brand names, instructions for use, warnings, as well as safety symbols on plastic toys.
      • Medical products: Applied for marking plastic devices and medical instruments used in hospitals and clinics such as syringes, test tubes, connectors, etc.
      • Packaging industry: Used to mark plastic bottles used in the beverages industry, such as mineral water containers, soft drinks, beers, etc.

      These industrial sectors are just some examples of how plastic laser engraving and marking is used, where the value and benefits of laser technology on plastic surfaces can be recognised and appreciated, thanks to how it allows permanent high-quality marking.

      COUTH laser marking machines

       COUTH’s laser marking machines have a range of features and functions that are very relevant for laser marking and engraving.

      Their general features include:

      1. Adjustable power and speed: These laser marking machines allow both the laser marking speed and power to be adjusted, offering flexibility to be adapated to different materials and engravings.
      2. Cooling system: They have a cooling system that prevents the laser from overheating during extended periods of operation, which also extends the machine’s useful life.
      3. Intuitive user interface: These laser marking machines have a user interface that is very easy to use, allows straightforward and precise control over its functions and marking options.
      4. Multiple languages: COUTH’s laser marking machines can be operated in a range of languages, allowing them to be used in different settings and languages.

      Functions of laser marking machines

      COUTH’s laser marking machines have a range of functions such as:

      • Marking and engraving: COUTH’s laser marking machines allow high-quality marks to be made on a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, and much more. The laser engraving is very accurate and permanent on the material surface without causing any damage.
      • Encoding and traceability: Our machines can generate codes, serial numbers, production dates and other traceability information about the products, allowing efficient identification and monitoring during the different supply chain stages.
      • Customisation: These marking machines allow products to be customised, such as adding logos, texts or specific designs, adding value and making the products stand out.
      • Automatic control: COUTH’s laser marking machines can be connected to automatic control systems, allowing them to be integrated into production lines and for the engraving and marking process to be automated.

      Both COUTH’s Laser Pro and Laser Max laser marking machines, are very versatile and reliable machines that are capable of high-quality engraving and marking on a range of materials.

      They offer advanced functions such as customisation, automatic control and tractability, making them very useful tools for a wide range of industrial applications.


      COUTH’s laser marking machines to be used on plastic surfaces

      COUTH’s laser marking machines are specialised machines designed to apply permanent marks on different types of plastics. These laser marking machines use contactless marking technology, thus guaranteeing a high-quality and long-lasting finish.

      These machines offer highly precise and swift marking, making them ideal for industrial applications. COUTH laser marking machines are also easy to use and have intuitive software, allowing the designs to be marked to be customised and easily programmed.

      The types of plastics that can be marked with this laser marking machine are compatible with a wide range of materials, including ABS, acrylic, PVC, PVC polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, etc.

      What does plastic laser engraving and marking consist of?

      Plastic laser marking and engraving takes place with COUTH marking machines as follows:

      1. Material selection: It is important to select the proper type of material for laser marking. Certain plastics, such as PVC or polypropylene can be easier to mark than others.
      2. Preparing the design: The text, logo or bar code that you wish to engrave or mark on the plastic must be designed. This design must be in vectoral format and compatible with the marking machine’s software.
      3. Marking machine configuration: The laser marking parameters must be set, such as power, marking speed and frequency, according to the desired design and plastic features.
      4. Fixing the plastic: The plastic must be properly fixed on to the machine marking surface. Fastening elements can be therefore used such as clamps or vacuum devices.
      5. Starting the laser marking process: Once all of this is ready, the laser marking process commences. The machine emits a high-precision laser that will burn or erode the plastic surface, leaving us with the desired mark.
      6. Quality control and verification: Once the laser marking has taken place, we must check that the mark has been properly applied and that it complies with the established quality standards. This can be done visually or with a measuring technology.

      It is important to follow COUTH’s marking machine instructions and bear in mind the specific recommendations for plastic marking, since the plastic features can vary and affect the end result.

      Why choose a COUTH laser marking machine?

      If you are looking for the best plastic laser marking and engraving machine, the machines manufactured and designed by COUTH offer the best benefits on the market with the guarantee and support necessary for this type of purchase.

      • Our high quality laser machines has earned us our great reputation. The fact that they come with a guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a long-lasting and reliable product.
      • Our team of professionals are trained in the use and maintenance of our laser marking machines.
      • COUTH’s guarantee allows you to receive hardware and software upgrades and updates for the laser marking machines, meaning you can keep your machine up to date and make the most of its functions.
      • This guarantee will prevent you from having to pay for any extras for repairs or replacements. This gives you greater control over your costs and allows for savings in the long-term.

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