Dot Peen Marking

Speed, marking depth and reliability. The technology that incorporates the microdot marking range makes them the fastest machines in the market. Functionality, productivity and optimum marking quality. Add the COUTH® features to these characteristics, such as toughness and reliability the result of over half a century of experience in many sectors and applications.

We are quite aware at COUTH® that marking machines are a key element in the production chain. This is why we add an exceptional speedy and customer proximity service to the quality and robustness of our range.

Dot Peen Marking marking machines

Scribe Marking

When noise free marking is a need, scribe marking is the ideal technology. Add a compact, robust and reliable design to this feature, and we have range that provides fine, elegant, sharp and deep marking.

Optimum marker-electronic control / PLC communications makes them easy to integrate into our customers computer systems. All of course, without compromising the ease in handling, versatility and excellence in service that characterises COUTH® .

Scribe Marking marking machines

Laser Marking

Fiber laser marking system, designed and manufactured with high-quality components with the COUTH® guarantee, provides a power of 20W, 30W and 50W. Designed to be easily integrable in any industrial environment for the laser marking in all kind of metals, ceramics materials and a wide plastics range.
Provides a high marking speed. The power output stability makes possible a high and long term performance.

Laser Marking marking machines