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Desktop Superfast Dot Peen Marker Machine 100×17-25N

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Desktop Superfast Dot Peen Marker Machine 100×17-25N
Dot peen marking station, autonomous with height adjustment, and top speed. Especially designed for companies with a wide variety of small-sized parts .


  • Top marking speed, for all kinds of materials and hardnesses up to 62HRC.
  • Its easy-to-remove protective system reduces maintenance times.
  • Maximum reliability, seamless production, and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Highly robust and long-lasting, thanks to the high quality of its components.
  • Versatility in the size of the parts to be marked, thanks to regulation up to 250 mm in height, so you can mark everything from thin sheets to large pieces that can also be secured.
  • T-slot to facilitate tool placement.
  • Possibility of anchoring the table to a surface for greater stability.
  • Machined work surface, guaranteeing precision in marking.
  • Circular connector that facilitates assembly and disassembly. Possibility of 90-degree rotation.
  • COUTH brand is backlit with a bi-colour LED, providing visual identification of the marker machine's status.


This marker machine is used with the cutting-edge COUTHsmartbox control.

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