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      COUTHremoteHMI – Android

      In 2018, with the next generation of hardware and software, COUTH provided its clients and users with the COUTHremoteHMI app for Android.

      This application grants access to the COUTHsmartbox control unit from any tablet that works with the aforementioned operating system.

      This application provides the same functionality as 7” and 10” screens.

      As you know, you can download the application from Google Playstore.

      Please also be informed that COUTH is launching the same functionality under the Windows operating system.

      With the COUTHremoteHMI application for Windows, you can use any computer connected to the COUTHsmartbox to conduct all the control unit’s programming with no need for any screens.

      To download the programme for Windows, please contact us at [email protected]

      Both applications are part of the supporting software that COUTH provides to its clients and users. As such, these applications are free.