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Laser mark on stainless steel

Laser marking on steel is a process that provides very consistent results on different products, according to each client’s needs and with the personalisation that each situation requires.  The great advantage of laser marking is that it is highly adaptable and can make a mark with laser technology with no contact.

Couth’s fibre laser technology is ideal for this kind of material. In this article, we want to share the advantages of fibre laser marking on stainless steel for low- or high-scale production.

Stainless steel, a lifelong product

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon used in a wide range of industries that require highly resistant parts to withstand wear processes. Moreover, stainless steel is also a carbon and iron alloy with at least 10.5% chrome; this is what provides rust protection.

Laser mark on stainless steel

 It is possible to mark stainless steel surfaces thanks to fibre laser technology.  Fibre laser marking on steel darkens the oxide, thus making a long-lasting mark on the material.

When the metals have some sort of surface treatment (paint, varnish, anodising), the laser mark on the steel eliminates the surface treatment and exposes the metal that rusts, providing a contrast between the mark and the treatment.

Uses of stainless steel and why use laser marking

Stainless steel is an excellent material to provide protection against rusting. It is truly useful, since it protects against the constant chemical products that could eat away at the metal.

In the medical industry, stainless steel guarantees safety and hygiene for the utensils used in the sector. For the automobile industry, stainless steel provides complex and truly long-lasting designs under different durability and usage conditions.


Advantages of laser marking on stainless steel

  • One can obtain permanent marks,which is the aim in using laser marking.
  • It provides a magnificentcontrast when the steel is painted or anodised.
  • The degree of definition for reading 1D and 2D codes is excellent quality.
  • It is possible to engrave alphanumeric codeswith good detail.
  • The laser’s different power levels provide speed to the mark, making a permanent mark.
  • The entire process is very quiet and safe.
  • It is not necessary to useIt is a very low-maintenance technology.

Couth: specialists in laser marking stainless steel

Couth’s equipment conducts high-quality work with laser marking on steel and stainless steel. Couth’s laser technology does marking work very quickly, increasing the efficacy of production processes.

The investment on Pro or Max laser marking units obtains short-term returns, since the quality of the marks, the ease of use, and the results guarantee yield and investment returns.

A beneficial aspect of the laser marker units is that they are low maintenance, so they can be used extensively with no need for supervision or ongoing technical revisions.

For all kinds of industries that mainly work with steel, technology for fibre laser marking on steel improves the appearance and provides true traceability, bringing security to the production and distribution process for parts. This is one of the greatest benefits and final objectives in marking materials today.


At Couth, you will find the best equipment for laser marking on stainless steel!