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      Integrable Superfast Dot Peen Marker Machine 50×17-25U

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      Integrable Superfast Dot Peen Marker Machine 50×17-25U
      Dot peen marker machine with top speed and small size, especially designed to be integrated into production lines.


      • Top marking speed, for all kinds of materials and hardnesses up to 62HRC.
      • Minimum size, making this marking unit the smallest and fastest on the market .
      • Easy to install and assemble, thanks to its small size.
      • Maximum reliability, seamless production, and reduced maintenance costs.
      • Highly robust and long-lasting, thanks to the high quality of its components.
      • Circular connector that facilitates assembly and disassembly. 90º rotation possibility
      • Bi-colour LED, visual information on the machine’s status.

      COUTHsmartbox CONTROL UNIT

      This marker machine is used with the cutting-edge COUTHsmartbox control.

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