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      New Generation Of Superfast Dot-Peen Marking Units


      Our search to constantly improve our industrial marking solutions, along with our extensive experience, has led us to develop the next generation of Superfast marker units 50×17, 50×25, 100×17, and 100×25.

      This new generation of Superfast marker units includes a series of improvements that boost the reliability and speed of the COUTH dot-peen line, which makes them especially ideal for Datamatrix marking.

      These improvements are:

      • New steel frame, obtained with microfusion and 100% interchangeable with G2-generation frames, increasing the marker unit’s robustness.
      • Adjustable connector to integrate the marker unit in reduced spaces.
      • New metal guard, more resistant and facilitates maintenance operations thanks to easy assembly/disassembly.
      • A new electrovalve and redesigned pneumatic installation, which translates to improved cylinder performance.
      • Redesigned cylinder base, making it easier to access.
      • New flexible protection.

      The marker unit has 4 configurations (built-in, portable, desktop column, and mixed) and 2 different models: without protection and with flexible protection.

      If you would like further information on this machine or assistance to select the most suitable marker unit for you, please contact our sales team.