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COUTH is covering its products with new reinforced HMIs

COUTH is covering its products with new reinforced HMIsNews

COUTH is pleased to introduce the new reinforced HMIs for COUTHSmartbox, the new control unit for all dot-peen and scribe marking units. We do all this with the goal of continuing to adapt to the needs of our products’ users, and therefore offer them the best solutions in industrial marking.

Advantages of the new reinforced HMI

The innovative reinforced HMI system for COUTHSmartbox is exchangeable, removable and now more resistant and robust, making it the best solution for all industrial settings.

  • Greater duration and resistance, thanks to the new anti-shock rubber to absorb blows.
  • New leak-tight USB and RJ45 connectors, with threading and anti-strain system.
  • Protection against the entry of dust and particles, IP65 protection index.
  • VESA adaptor incorporated into the COUTHSmatbox, so it can be assembled on its own stand (optional) or any other.

Different solutions, adapted to your needs

In addition to these reinforced HMIs, COUTH® is conducting activities designed to provide solutions and high-quality and high-functioning products for industrial traceability and marking.

If you need a different kind of solution adapted to special needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team, who can develop a special product.