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      We at COUTH always recommend using new and original spare parts and accessories from our brand. Using original elements allows us to guarantee the quality and durability of our services as well as ensuring the validity of the guarantee. Our products are characterised as follows:

      – Quality. COUTH marking solutions work better when using original parts as they were designed and created to fit in the right place without any modifications or flaws.

      – Optimisation. Using original parts will ensure peak performance of the COUTH marker without compromising speed at any time.

      – Durability. Using original spare parts allows the products to last longer in perfect condition, optimising their useful life and providing long-term savings and convenience for our users.

      This is why COUTH recommends using original spare parts to ensure that your marker performs at its optimum capacity, as the parts are specifically designed for those products therefore extending the life of the product without any problems in the short term and for the full duration of the warranty.

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